Behaviour Collaborations

National Disability Insurance Scheme registered organisation delivering services in positive behaviour support plans, mental health counselling, support coordination and psychosocial recovery coaching.

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About Us

Behaviour Collaborations has been established in response to local community demand for quality disability support services with specialisation in behaviour support plans and improved daily living counselling.

We are a registered organisation that delivers services to participants on the National Disability Insurance Scheme. We are dedicated to always promoting dignity and respect and we work with you in collaboration to manage all aspects of your plan and goals. We promote non-toxic workplaces, inclusive hiring, cultural safety and awareness and your rights.


Our Services

Behaviour Collaborations’ services include supporting the development of daily living and life skills and the provision of physical wellbeing supports such as physical activity and nutritious diets.

Principles And Values
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Inclusive Positive Behaviour Support Plans

Developed in collaboration

Positive Behaviour Support plans are developed with the participant and the teams supporting the participant. Our aim as a collaborative team is to improve participant outcomes to see an increase in quality of life. We work from a strengths-based framework, and we build skills and develop strategies to reduce or eliminate restrictive practice and behaviours of concern.

  • Positive Behaviour Support Plans (PBSP’S) work with participants and stakeholders to develop plans to reduce and eliminate restrictive practice for people who access the NDIS.

  • Sometimes an interim report needs to be completed. This details the nature of a restrictive practice.

  • Your practitioner will work with you to help identify what your triggers are and what are the behaviours of concern.

  • Strategies will be developed to implement in the environment.

  • Data will be collected and used to support a hypothesis and make predictions.

  • You and your team will be supported throughout the journey.

  • Positive Behaviour Support Plans are created with respect, and they work to protect individuals, families, and service providers.

  • We use a person-centred approach.

  • We are transparent and open with all the work we do.

  •  We create Functional Behaviour Assessments.

  • We work with individual strengths to increase the capacity of individuals, families, and carers.

  • Above all, WE COLLABORATE

  • counselling

    Mental Health Counselling

    Our teams are qualified to deliver counselling in areas of mental health including substance issues, PTSD, anxiety, depression and trauma, acquired brain injury, foetal alcohol spectrum disorder, schizophrenia and other major mood or personality disorders. Qualified specialists can be matched to suit your needs.               

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  • supports

    Therapeutic Supports

    This service is provided to assist participants aged from 7 years to apply their functional skills to improve participation and independence in daily, practical activities in areas such as language and communication, personal care, mobility and movement, interpersonal interactions, and community living.

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  • assesment

  • 10 Hour Assessment Report

    This is a great option for individuals who have an upcoming plan review, change of circumstances or seeking funding for Positive Behaviour Support. Assessments can be completed in one or two appointments with additional time to write the report.

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Meet Our Team

  • aasw
    Corinne Dewyntre

    Advanced Behaviour Practitioner: P1317395

I have lived in the Redlands area for over 15 years, and I have two lovely boys 10 and 16 and they attend local schools in the area. I am 40 years old, and I have a lot of public service experience.

I worked for 11 years in the public sector as a dental surgeon’s assistant. In this role I assisted very vulnerable patients during procedures and after procedures. To best assist my patients, I had to be highly skilled and experienced in CPR, first aid and wound dressing. After a long stint in the public sector, I decided I wanted to do more for vulnerable people, and I wanted to focus on working with families, so I decided to undertake additional study.

After I graduated with a bachelor degree in social work with a major in psychology (specifically Behaviour Change) I went to work for an organisation in the child protection industry. It is though this role that I worked with exceptionally vulnerable and beautiful children. I developed my skills to work with sexual abuse and trauma, fractured families, substance abuse, disability (as a result of abuse) and neglect. After about a year, I decided I wanted to continue my studies and I undertook a post graduate master’s in social work.

After I graduated from my Master’s, I worked for a NDIS organisation as a Support Coordinator, shortly after this role (6 months), I worked as Behaviour Practitioner for another organisation. During this role I had a heavy case load however I developed and implemented several PBSP’s working with participants who had a range of disabilities. My skill is in the training. This is my favourite part.


I decided that after 6 months, I wanted to branch out on my own and start my own business, so I was no longer confined by a heavy case load and restricted with my practice framework. I have been slowly developing my business over the last 2 years and my reputation for exceptional work in the industry is beginning to show.

As an Advanced Behaviour Practitioner, I specialise in complex cases with experience in forensic, secure mental health and other significant mental health diagnosis.

I am the Director of Behaviour Collaborations, and I over see my team of practitioners offering supervision and leadership.

  • Master of Social Work (Qualifying Professional)

  •  BA, Social Work, Major in Psychology (Behaviour Change and Abnormal Psychology)

  • Registered with Australian Association of Social Workers

Qualifications specifically related to Behaviour
  • Major in Behaviour change and abnormal Psychology

  • Accredited with Association of Psychological Therapies – in

  • Dialectal Behaviour Therapy

  • RAID – Working with challenging and disturbed behaviours.

I accept referrals; however, I specialise in complex cases. I work intensely with families in the initial stages and then write the PBSP. I then implement the PBSP. This is where I train the network in how to use the PBSP.


Emma Gillies

British born, I moved to Australia in 2021 with a vision to improve the life of my family (wife and four kids) and I. Moving house, country, schools, and a career change, we certainly hit the ground running. I have an eclectic work history spanning from secretarial to internal communications, marketing (8-year company to my name!) to mental health and working with young people with complex trauma. My passion is giving those who cannot be heard a voice and empowering them to speak up and stand up.

I am a massive advocate for learning and development, having re-trained myself several times over a 20+ career span – the latest, studying a master’s in applied psychology over Covid! I have been fortunate enough to travel abroad and around the UK, providing a cosmopolitan approach to any role I undertake and adapting to any environment.


Dedication, motivation and proactivity have always been my drive throughout any role I have undertaken, continuously improving, and adapting to my environment. I love to learn, in fact, I thrive in the unknowing! This drive has not stopped! I have many a qualification, but it is the hands-on experience, my life experience, and being a mum of four children that has helped progress with any role.

Recently, I transitioned from the Youth Work industry to the Advanced Behaviour Practitioner role with an aim to help vulnerable audiences in re-establishing their independence, aid caregivers in co-management with their clients/families who have behaviours of concern and be part of that improved lifestyle journey. Prior to this I worked within Case Management for a Residential Youth Work Not-for Profit company, overseeing teams and children under the age of 16 with complex diagnosis and backgrounds including Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, RAD,
Trauma and ASD.


Carolyn Gillies

Australian with a tweak of a British accent, I have returned to my home country after spending 18 years in the UK, adjusting my accent so pre-schoolers could understand me! Only now, I pique audience’s curiosity as to which country I’m from!

I have quite an extensive history in childcare, managing a Child Care Centre, including implementation of extensive policy and procedures for staff, children, and parents and prior to Behaviour Collaborations, I was a Conveyancing Paralegal. Previous to that I facilitated and coordinated training materials for a Global Leading Provider of Education Services and Software.

My passion is spreadsheets (and people). I love to be the forefront of organisations, liaising with all audiences, hearing their stories, and being part of the transition to smooth, streamlined processes (wrapped up in colours and grid lines!) that works for everyone involved.


I have jumped on board as the Office Manager and am now the go to for all things admin, including onboarding new clients, support and coordination with all audiences, overall client management, policies and procedures, project coordination and a multitude of other elements!

And just for the curious: I bake a mean lemon drizzle cake (as stated by my wife and children), love to craft, and am an avid book lover (yes, we have over 1000 books at home!)


Rachael Johnson

Originally from North Queensland, I moved to Brisbane to complete a Bachelor of Psychological Science/ Criminology and Criminal Justice, which has allowed me to undertake invaluable and immersive roles. I gained practical skills and education whilst working at a Children and Family Psychology Clinic. Here I was given the opportunity to learn about diagnostic criteria and work with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Whilst in this role I further developed an understanding of psychometric testing and discovered a love for working with youth and families, as I found it a greatly rewarding experience.

My time working as Case Manager with vulnerable individuals allowed to me understand the importance of empowerment, rehabilitation, and individualised services. Here I was provided with the opportunity to work with people from diverse backgrounds, including people with specific disorders, disabilities, trauma backgrounds and marginalised members of society. Here I discovered my love for providing help to those who don’t always have the means to do so themselves.


As a Behavioural Practitioner, I tailor my role to understanding the needs of the individual and to seek answers as to what is the issue, why is it an issue, and how I can help. I am passionate about advocating for the support and well-being of adults and children with disabilities and disorders.


Eliot Wilkins

I’m Eliot, I recently graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Psychological Science with honours. My honours thesis examined the effect that school connectedness and school sport have on adolescent positive bystander behaviour. My research aimed to clarify the positive psychology changes individuals or groups could make to environment and circumstance that would best improve adolescents’ health and development outcomes.

My speciality is in sports and high performance, I have spent 17 years training and competing at an elite level in track and field, including winning gold for Australia at the 2013 Oceania Championships. The extensive time I have spent training and coaching at this level has given me a unique insight into the uses and benefits of sports and physical activity for all people at any level. My psychology education has been hugely beneficial when designing programs for difficult juniors as well as being able to help athletes shift focus as their circumstances and priorities change.

I am a driven to help others and I am excited to shift my focus to being a behaviour support practitioner to make a positive difference in people's lives.


Jason Brien

Hello, my name is Jason and I am extremely passionate about mental health and all things psychology-related. Having overcome my own mental health challenges, I now aim to use my lived experience and academic knowledge to help others regain control of their lives and live to the fullest without fear of shame or judgment. Life is challenging enough, so there's no need to make other people’s lives harder.

At the age of 36, I graduated with a Bachelor of Psychological Science degree from the Australian College of Applied Psychology. It took me 10 years to complete my bachelor’s degree, but I strongly believe in facing and overcoming obstacles to achieve goals. I have a specific interest in complex trauma and have worked with vulnerable young children in the residential care system/child protection as a Youth Worker, Case Manager, and Team Leader. Additionally, I have extensive experience in trauma-based life coaching and counselling, supporting a wide range of clients from around the world.


I enjoy binge-watching true crime documentaries/interrogations, and I absolutely love traveling overseas with my wife and daughter. While I may not be a social butterfly, I do enjoy a good chat and a laugh. I am looking forward to gaining new skills and experience in my role here with Behaviour Collaborations as a Behaviour Support Practitioner and supporting as many people as I can.


Amy Daymond

My name is Amy. I graduated with a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) in 2020 and have gained a lot of theoretical knowledge about human behaviour. Following this I started a career as a Residential Youth Worker which allowed me to apply the textbook knowledge and combine theories with real people and real emotions. This was where I found my passion.

Through youth work roles in various environments, I have gained an appreciation for behaviour functions and a peaked interest in understanding the 'why' behind the behaviour.

Recently I have transitioned from the youth work space to become a Behaviour Practitioner with the aim of supporting individuals, and their support systems, to make positive behaviour changes to increase independence and quality of life.


Jacinta Molyneux

I am a Brisbane girl, born and raised. I have a passion for mental health, which drove me to achieve my Bachelors degree in Psychological Science with Honours in 2022. After my education, I began working in the disability sector, where I honed my skills and have grown my knowledge of disability and disability care across a variety of industries.

I joyfully work with clients from all walks of life and have a passion for working with children. Helping children grow and develop skills that will be carried with them through life is thrilling. Working independently as a Support Worker, I have provided support to both adults and children facing difficulties originating from trauma, mental illness, mood disorders, intellectual impairments, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, and health conditions. I later became a Disability Employment Consultant, in which I have worked with a variety of adults and school leavers with disabilities and barriers preventing them from gaining employment.

My experiences in the disability sector and my passion for people informed my decision to build a career in behaviour support. My goal for all of my clients is to build individual autonomy, improve wellbeing, and foster life satisfaction.


Join Our Team

Behaviour Collaborations is a dynamic company dedicated to improving lives through person-centred plans and evidence-based practices. We prioritise professional growth and employee satisfaction, offering you the chance to impact your career and our clients.

We seek individuals with qualifications such as psychology or social work degrees and a solid understanding of applied behaviour analysis. We value experience in positive behaviour support and familiarity with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). If you’re motivated, have strong interpersonal skills, and are passionate about working with diverse individuals, consider joining Behaviour Collaborations.

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    • vision

      Our Vision

      Behaviour Collaborations aims to work with participants and their families/care providers in transparent collaborative ways to ensure an improved quality of life for the participant. Behaviour Collaborations works together with you and the participant to reduce or eliminate restrictive practices. This is done to enhance participant choice and participation in the community leading to a full and meaningful life for the participant.


    Our Mission

    Behaviour Collaborations has three core principles that guide the organisation.

    Behaviour Collaborations is committed to working with participants using an evidence-based approach to practice. This means using proven research in the field to ensure participants are receiving the best service to achieve better outcomes and an improved quality of life. Participants are the essential reason behind Behaviour Collaborations’ fundamental organisation structure. We value all participants and their lived experience and place the participant in the driver’s seat to steer the direction of our services, ensuring we meet the needs of participants, develop an understanding of the interconnected domains of life, and providing a holistic service.


    Behaviour Collaboration is dedicated to hiring employees with diverse backgrounds, unique experiences, and a variety of qualifications. Behaviour Collaborations is committed to ensuring the wellbeing of its employees to work as part of a highly dedicated team that is driven to achieve positive outcomes for all the participant’s we interact with. Behaviour Collaboration has a strong focus on employee satisfaction and self-care because this is essential to being able to provide a high-quality service to the people we collaborate with.

    Professional Development:

    Behaviour Collaboration is dedicated to ensuring ongoing professional development for its employees so they can deliver up to date evidenced based research that improves the quality of life for participants. Behaviour Collaborations is committed to ensuring accreditation requirements for registering bodies is adhered to and will work with you to schedule your professional development.

    • values

      Our Values

    All of Behaviour Collaborations’ operations and activities are built upon the Values of working with a participant collaboratively to ensure an improved quality of life and enhanced outcomes.

    Behaviour Collaboration’s Values guide who we are and what we stand for in every interaction. They are:

    • Interpersonal effectiveness

    • Integrity of the service

    • Dignity and respect for all people engaged with the service

    • Person centred plans

    • Transparency

    Do you have questions about Behaviour Strategies?

    Did you know that positive behaviour support plans can be implemented across a variety of environments, the school being one of them?

    Behaviour strategies can also be implemented in the home. Improved relationships funding can be used for young people in aged care to help with moving into more suitable accommodation.

    Group 71

    Behaviour Collaborations and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

    Behaviour Collaborations is a Registered NDIS Provider and complies with all Queensland and Commonwealth Government requirements for the delivery of quality and safe disability support services.

    Behaviour Collaborations is a Registered NDIS Provider and complies with all Queensland and Commonwealth Government requirements for the delivery of quality and safe disability support services.

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    To get in touch please email or call 0421 998 951. Alternatively fill out the online form below and we will get in touch with you shortly.

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